Printal Oy

Printal Oy is the only manufacturer of aluminium monobloc aerosol cans in Scandinavia. Printal is supplying it´s customers globally on all five continents. The company has more than 65 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of aluminium packages for medicines, cosmetics, foodstuffs and technochemical products.

Since 2002, Printal Oy has been in private ownership in Finland. The company’s shares are owned by the senior management, which means very close link between everyday decisions and operations.


Printal’s goal is to be the most competitive manufacturerof aluminium cans. Its strategy is to aim at continuous controlled growth and remain profitable and customer-oriented in its attitude, all the while responding to customer needs and changes in the market.

Another guiding principle is to develop environmentally friendly products and manufacturing methods.


Printal Oy’s goal is to reduce the environmental burden resulting from its operations. The company is a pioneer in the use, for example, of water soluble lacquers. It is committed to becoming fully environmentally friendly and complying with the laws and regulations that apply to its business. Its aims are to minimise VOC emissions, waste volumes and water and energy consumption during production and to prevent environmental damage by means of constant and effective monitoring.

Printal holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.


Printal Oy started as collaboration between four engineers and was established in 1952. The founders had a firm belief in aluminium’s potential in the packaging industry. At first the company was active in the domestic market only, but then began exporting in the 1960s, when the aluminium aerosol can became a true fashion phenomenon.

During its existence, the company has been through many different phases. Printal was owned by the French firm Cebal from 1988 until 2002, when the management at the plant bought the company just two days after Printal celebrated its 50th birthday.

We perfectyour products

Competitive pricing and packaging cost in comparison to standard printed monobloc aluminium can

Environmentally friendly:
- no lacquer and less energy used in manufacturing process and completely BPA NI

Short delivery times from Printal thanks to permanent stockholding - immediate deliveries for standard sizes